Sandra McDowell

CEO, eLeadership Academy


Sandra McDowell, CEO eLeadership Academy, MA, PCC, CPHR, SHRM-SCP

Sandra McDowell is sounding the alarm that our brains are in crisis. They are our personal supercomputers––and we need to take action to fuel and protect them before it’s too late. As the founder and CEO of eLeadership Academy™, Sandra helps leaders and organizations increase performance and wellbeing by leveraging neuroscience insights to harness the untapped power of the brain. With nearly two decades of executive experience and advanced certifications in Leadership, NeuroLeadership, and Human Resources, her mission is to help organizations realize greater effectiveness through stronger human connection, improved brain health and wellbeing, and increased focus and accountability. Sandra is the author of Your Mother Was Right: 15 Unexpected Lessons About Leadership and the Brain, and she continues to inspire organizations and professionals internationally through her online programs, speaking, and executive coaching.