Ignite Management works with leaders of small and medium enterprises across Canada to develop strategic plans, enhance the functioning of executive teams, and develop individual leadership capabilities.

The Ignite team wants to be part of building a better business environment in Canada. We believe people are good. We believe that employees across Canada have a desire to contribute to something bigger than themselves but often feel disengaged.

Through our “strategy from within” planning process, we empower organizations and employees to develop and own their strategy. Our role is not to tell our clients what their strategy should be, our role is to ask the right questions and guide them in developing a plan that is owned by their employees.

From there, we support strategy execution through CEO advisory, individual leadership coaching, executive team leadership development, and enterprise-level people programs.

We drive positive transformational change for our clients and their employees. If you're a leader of a small or medium enterprise please don't hesitate to reach out to members of the Ignite team at any point along your journey.

For more information visit:ignitemanagement.ca.

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