MindWell-U help leaders, managers and employees decrease stress, increase resilience and performance. We offer evidence based mindfulness solutions that optimize human capital and a develop a mindful organization.

After training over 30,000 executives, managers and employees on the front lines, we know that fostering a culture of mindfulness is an effective response to the kinds of maladies found in our modern workplaces.

The Sauder School of Business conducted two research studies on the Mindfulness Challenge and found it significantly increased: wellbeing, emotional regulation, resilience, optimism, leadership, productivity, psychological health and safety in the workplace, and significantly decreased turnover, stress and burnout.

Unlike other offerings that focus on teaching intensive meditation, our core training, the Mindfulness Challenge, teaches mindfulness-in-action and develops mindfulness as a core competency that is relevant and accessible for all. Busy people can tap into this evidence based practice in the middle of a meeting, negotiation, on the front lines or conference call - no quiet room, yoga pants or closed eyes required.

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