7sm-Employee health and wellness is a key factor in work environment, productivity and the bottom line for any business

Healthserv Professionals offers independent, objective analysis of even the most complex medical situations, helping workers remain at work and assisting employers and unions to keep their employees healthy and happy.

Our clientele is wide ranging; from heavy industry to high level executives, the tech industry to emergency service providers, spanning across the private sector and all levels of government. In each case, our experienced team of Occupational Medical specialists provide customized, integrated occupational health services and disability management programs to enhance our clients' work environment and productivity.

Healthserv is unique among Occupational Health companies. Our team of consultants are all occupational medical specialists; either occupational health nurses (OHNs) or occupational health physicians (OHPs). These highly skilled professionals ensure that our clients always benefit from the highest level of expertise available.

Learn more about the Healthserv team and the work we do at www.healthserv.com.

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