WelloWello is a Canadian virtual healthcare service that helps your employees get well when they’re sick and keep well every day. We believe the health of employees is directly related to corporate performance and 97% of employers agree. Chances are your employees don’t receive the support they need to effectively manage their health. That’s where Wello comes in.

Employees can speak with Wello Nurse Practitioners about their health concerns over video, phone, or secure message, during regular office hours. For urgent care support, we are available by phone 24/7. Wello does more than help employees get well, we also help keep them that way by providing mental health, nutrition, and life-transition support.

Our nurse practitioners can do much of what a doctor can do including:

  • diagnose and treat conditions
  • manage acute and chronic illness
  • order and interpret tests
  • make specialist referrals
  • write and renew prescriptions
  • communicate with family doctors with patient permission
  • provide health education and mental health support

For more information visit: wello.ca.

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