Natasha Jeshani

HR & Recruitment Consultant, Career Contacts


Natasha Jeshani is the owner of TAFA Consulting and co-owner of Career Contacts, and the Author of The HR Insider; how to land your dream job, and keep it!

With a degree from UBC and an HR Management Certificate, with distinction, from BCIT, Natasha’s extensive academic, as well as hands-on experience in various areas of Recruitment, HR, Leadership and People Management, has provided lasting legacies in HR protocols and policies. She is also an active mentor for Young Women in Business, a speaker and coach.

As a Recruiter and true HR Generalist, Natasha’s career focuses on delivering high levels of service to leadership, management and employees alike.

As the Author of “The HR Insider: How to land your dream job, and keep it!”, Natasha has provided a tool for candidates who are interested in the HR perspective of the job search process.

TAFA Consulting & Career Contacts are an extension of Natasha's years of dedication to the HR and Recruitment professions.


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