John Stix

Award-winning Thought Leader & Executive, Workplace Culture Executive, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Motivational Speaker; Co-Founder of Fibernetics & President of KidsWifi


John is an authority on building an effective culture and developing highly motivated teams. Through real experience and practice, he understands the challenges and the blockers that come with shifting a workplace culture; But believes in and has witnessed first-hand the massive opportunities that exist when a company can successfully execute on this change - and he knows how to make it happen.

He believes in simple formulas that carry impact and came up with the phrase that has now stuck with audiences across the world; “Engagement is when we all feel an authentic connection to purpose.”

John shares personal anecdotes and stories from leading his own company - Fibernetics (Canada’s 5th largest telecom company) - through a cultural change that allowed the organization to flourish. These specific strategies and philosophies lead to unprecedented KPI’s that have wowed industries from all categories. Whether it is some of the largest global brands or government agencies, John’s award-winning “I’M IN” strategy is producing positive results, not only for the organizations, but the people within them and their communities.

Unifying purpose leads to passion, passion leads to happiness and happiness leads to productivity all leading to incredible results.

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